This team has developed a recovery strategy, which provides the best available scientific knowledge on what is needed to stop or reverse the decline of a species. This includes habitat needs and threat removal. It makes recommendations about what should be done to protect and recover a species and how to do it. This all takes place under the Endangered Species Act, 2007 (specifically sections 11 to 15).

The goal of the recovery strategy for the Gray Ratsnake in Ontario is to maintain the snakes’ current population size, distribution and connectivity in the Frontenac Arch (eastern Ontario) and to achieve self-sustaining sub-populations in the Carolinian population (southern Ontario). Some of the objectives include a monitoring plan; research about habitat, genetics and threats; habitat mapping and description; habitat protection and threat mitigation; and stewardship and education.

For many years, the Friends of Murphys Point Park have supported efforts to protect the Gray Ratsnake population within Murphys Point Provincial Park. Ongoing fundraising efforts have assisted with monitoring and education about this threatened species.

By contributing at least $25, you can be recognized in donor signage at the Visitor Centre at Murphys Point Provincial Park as well as on this site, along with a tax receipt. See the “Donations” page to make your contribution today!

By “adopting a snake,” contributors help to offset the costs of population monitoring, which involves inserting a tiny microchip under a snake’s skin, and educational program to help raise awareness about the snakes.